Universal Smiles Made It In Patterson Today!

In the Summer of 2014 Monetta Reyes contacted us about a photo-shoot for an opportunity to be in Patterson Today. We are pleased to announce that we have a 6 page spread!
Thank you to everyone who made this possible! We want to give a Special Thanks to Uptime Houston for our beautiful dental website design and continued support over the years!

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What if going to the dentist were like a trip to the movies? At Universal Smiles in Cypress, Texas, it is. Hallways lined with LED lighting make the walk from the waiting room to the operatory feel like entering a movie theater. Movie reels, photos and popular movie quotes line the walls of the office and each operatory has a TV streaming Netflix, with hundreds of movie options available for viewing.

Brad Griffin, DDS, runs the practice himself but credits his wife, Erin, who is also a dentist, with helping to get the practice up and running. The couple’s own love story began at the University of Tennessee, where they attended dental school. After graduating in 2009, they married and worked as associates at separate practices. When Brad decided he wanted to open his own practice, Erin’s experience and assistance were vital in the process.

“One thing we have in common is our taste in design,” said Brad. “We’re very similar.” Erin played a large role in helping with the design and decorating of the office. She kept the end in mind, with the goal of making every patient feel comfortable. Brad is more interested in the technology. For him, it was vital that equipment and technology be the most advanced to make his job easier and to make the office more ergonomic.

The name Universal Smiles is a play on Universal Studios, and was easy to come up with given the couple’s love of film. Plus, the theme provides a good excuse to send patients home with movie theater tickets given as prizes for contests and giveaways. “I want patients to enjoy themselves while they’re here and the movie theme puts a fun spin on things,” said Brad.

An all-star cast
Brad and Erin credit Territory Representative Monetta Reyes with getting the ball rolling by connecting them with a real estate broker, an equipment specialist and a business manager to help with the project. “Monetta is really easy to work with,” said Brad. “She has a personal investment in this project and wants to see it succeed. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and it shows.”

Although the construction process went quickly – from November 2013 to March 2014 – it was years of planning and preparation that helped make that process go so smoothly. Reyes began helping the couple with the mission, vision and details of the new practice, including total cost, budget and timing, almost four years ago. Reyes said that it helped that Erin and Brad were just as committed to success as she was, and because they listened. “Erin and Brad know about clinical excellence for the patient.

When it comes to the financial vision, systems, products, equipment and choices, they listened to the advice of experts. With my experience I was able to save them from making costly mistakes and help them make the best decisions for the practice.”

3D imaging helped during the planning process, because Brad and Erin could walk into the office virtually and see everything from the carpet to the layout before making any big decisions. The result is a layout that’s different than the average dental practice.

The sterilization area is connected to a storage room, a lab and the mechanical room with a door in between, giving the option to close off the service areas. Plus, the storage area is larger than most. By keeping inventory in one space it’s easier to access supplies, manage inventory and keep percentages as low as possible.

The practice is equipped with six operatories and a consultation room. “We wanted to keep things open,” said Brad. “Patients are often nervous coming to the dentist, and an open environment allows them to see what’s going on,” he explained. “Plus, there’s space for privacy to talk about finances and treatment plans.”

The state-of-the-art equipment at Universal Smiles includes A-dec 400 chairs that patients literally fall asleep in. “These chairs are a big selling point,” said Brad. “When a patient falls asleep in the chair it says a lot, because people are often nervous when they come to the dentist.” SoproLife intraoral cameras give patients a new perspective on what’s going on, making it easy for the doctor to explain why a procedure may be necessary. This cutting-edge technology has increased case acceptance because, as Brad says, “a picture really is worth a thousand words.”

What Brad loves most about the new office is how well the equipment performs, describing it as a breath of fresh air. “A high quality handpiece and tools that work properly make every appointment go smoothly and help me work more efficiently. Because I’m not rushed, my day is paced out and I get to spend more time with each patient. The work I do reflects this, too,” he said.
Choosing equipment was easy with the help of Equipment Specialist Skip Fortune, who accompanied Brad and Erin on a trip to the Patterson branch in Houston to look at options. “He pointed out the five-star equipment and then let us decide,” said Brad. “We didn’t want equipment that would be out of date in five years. We wanted equipment that’s built to last.”

Patients give the new practice five stars and appreciate the fact that Universal Smiles is up on technology – particularly with the Nomad X-ray machine, which is quick, easy to use, and gives off very little radiation. “It also looks cool. It’s a nice, tidy, handheld that you just click next to the patient’s cheek,” explained Brad.

A bright future
The couple is excited about the future. Brad is looking forward to growing the practice, adding a hygienist and playing a part in the community. Until then, he has useful advice for other dentists looking to remodel or build new. “Take your time. Make sure that you’re ready and prepare for it. You want it to be right, you want it to be your own. Make sure that you’re not settling. Surround yourself by people who can help you. Seek out a team of people and don’t try to do it on your own. Experience is one thing you can’t put a price tag on.”


Practice Profile
Universal Smiles
Cypress, Texas
Brad Griffin, DDS
Square feet: 2,960
6 operatories


  • Acteon SoproLife Intraoral Camera
  • A-dec 1601 Doctor’s Stools
  • A-dec 1622 Assistant’s Stools
  • A-dec 332 Radius Traditional Delivery Systems
  • A-dec 411 Dental Chairs
  • A-dec 545 12 O’Clock Assistant’s Instrumentation
  • A-dec Accessory Consoles
  • A-dec Assistina 301 Plus Handpiece Maintenance System
  • A-dec ICC Sterilization Center
  • A-dec LED Dental Lights
  • A-dec Treatment Dental Cabinets
  • A-dec/W&H Handpieces
  • Aribex Nomad Intraoral X-Ray
  • Porter Flowmeter
  • RamVac Bulldog QT Evacuation Pump
  • RamVac Osprey Compressor
  • Schick 33 Digital Sensors
  • Sirona Orthophos XG 3 Digital Pan
  • This practice is a Patterson Advantage® Gold member.

Tim Wagstaff, Branch Manager
Monetta Reyes, Territory Representative
Skip Fortune, Equipment Specialist
Albert Martin, Service Technician
Bo Martin, Service Technician
David Langley, Office Designer