This is a picture of me around age 8 when I broke my tooth for the first time. As a young boy I looked up to my family dentist and was always excited for my appointment. I truly was the kid that was excited to visit my dentist. Dr. Rayfield Lotten was a young guy that I looked up to.  My freshman year in high school I fell and broke my front tooth.  I was nervous and afraid with how this would effect my smile.  When I got to Dr. Lotten’s office his charming, charismatic, confidence put my fears at ease. In an hour my smile was restored as was my confidence.   After that experience I followed in his footsteps went to the same University and now have my own private practice, Universal Smiles.   Now it is my turn to give back to the community and be a mentor to my patients so that they too can find inspiration.  If you or anyone in our family need emergency dental care let Universal Smiles restore your smile.   Click here to read my bio.