This summer a lot of our patients are brightening up their smiles by bleaching. Just look at the difference that bleaching can make! Here at Universal Smiles we offer both in-house/ chair-side bleaching and take home bleaching,

Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by dental insurance. We have made bleaching affordable for those patients that are eligible to join Bright Smiles for Life . Eligibility to join Bright Smiles for Life is a perk reserved for those patients that are already taking their dental health seriously and used as an incentive to keep up with their dental care. Ultimately a healthy mouth is more than white teeth!

Chairside whitening is fast and results are seen that day! In house bleaching has the advantage of a professional monitored treatment as well as instant gratification. With Dr. Griffin and the team monitoring the procedure you reduce the chance of mistakes. Any of you that watched Friends may remember the episode when Ross got his teeth too white!

Chairside bleaching can keep your teeth from being damaged or going too white. When taking advantage of chairside whitening we enroll you in the Bright Smiles for Life and waive the $99.00 fee for your custom molded take home bleaching trays.

There is always fine print, but the details are simple. At your next appointment, a qualified staff member will explain in detail and have you read and sign the necessary forms to participate.

If you only want take home whitening and do not want the chairside whitening the cost is $99.00 for the trays and 3 syringes of gel. We recommend you pick a week out of the month and bleach every day. Remember when bleaching make sure you stay away from colored drinks like; red wine, cokes and teas!

Treat yourself or someone in your family a few months after braces and take advantage of the Bright Smiles for Life perk. It is like putting the icing on the cake for that Hollywood smile!

Happy Bleaching!