To seal or not to seal? That is the question. Hi! My name is Michelle, I am the Office Manager at Universal Smiles in Cypress, Texas. If there were a way to prevent getting a ticket wouldn’t you want to know? We may not be a traffic ticket lawyer, but we know dentistry. I want help you and your family understand the importance of sealants, Sealant’s are preventive, meaning they prevent decay. As a Mom and veteran in the dental industry this small painless procedure is a valuable service for preventing decay and extended time in the chair under the drill. Take a look at this picture below and you can see how sealants protect the teeth from decay.

Unless your kid likes the dentist like Dr. Griffin did as a kid, they are not thrilled to come take a ride in our dental chair. Sealants prevent time in the chair and with the drill thus reducing the chance they get scared of the drill and fear of the Dentist. Teaching prevention to children helping them understand the teeth are tools to nourishing our bodies.

The best time to have sealants placed is right after Dr. Griffin does the cleaning! Your little one is already in the chair and all the yucky stuff off their teeth. Makes sense right!? It is fast and painless with Dr. Griffin and Brittany working side by side. For children MOST insurance covers the sealants procedure, which is another reason to help the kids out! As a side note for adults sealants are not covered. However, the procedure is just as easy and something everyone in the house hold should consider.

Seems like a lot of information and I can help you navigate! Give me a call, I would love to check your insurance and coverage so we can get the family scheduled for appointments.